Table of Contents

January 1: 02F-1 "For John Coffey"

January 5: 02F-2

January 11: 02P-1 "No Easy Walk"
no photography, done after making sand cache

January 12: 02F-3

January 22: 02F-4 "Filled with Delightful Surprises"
First of the Toolmaker stories; replacement #1 Loop and Steel Pinky

January 24: 02F-5

January 26: 02F-6
Toolmaker #2: critique of tools

February 8: 02P-2
after caching sand; Toolmaker #3: #23 Medium Sand Scorp

February 9: 02F-7

March 8: 02F-8 "Simple Truth"
Toolmaker #4: #24 Steel Thumb

April 6: 02F-9

April 20: 02F-10 "Peaceful and Surreal"

May 4: 02F-11 "No Distractions Allowed"

May 6: 02F-12 "MTV Unfiltered"
Demo done for "MTV Dismissed" show

May 18: 02F-13 "Friends of the Library"
done for SM library show. No still photography. Video by George and Tess

June 3: 02F-14 "Good Enough for Television"
Demo for "Blind Date" second round (and last)

June 29: 02M-1 "Bigger Than It Looks"
contest piece for Bay Days, with Continental Development

July 12: 02F-15 "I Am Not an Ox"

July 19: 02M-2 "Symphony #1 in 3 minor"
first multiple done just for itself

July 26: 02F-16 "Bonfire"

August 9: 02F-17 "What Hatches from the Sandragon's Egg?"

September 3: 02P-3
No photography. Done after caching sand for 02F-8

September 4: 02F-18 "High-motility Gamete Insertion Device"

September 6: 02M-3
experimental 2-unit free piled multiple, first of its kind

September 7: 02P-4
Multiple? Single? Take your pick.

September 8: 02P-5
No photography; arch done while swimming with George.

September 15: 02P-6
Canon G2 available but not used. Arch done after a mountain bike ride

October 11: 02P-7
Complete construction failure. No photography.

October 20: 02M-4, "Three Proximal Sketches"
Demo for Cabrillo Marine Aquarium beach festival. First use of digital camera

November 2: 02M-5
three unit dispersed formed multiple with earthworks

November 12: 02P-8
no images, done on bike ride home from Manhattan Beach

November 13: 02M-6
three formed units with earthworks

November 15: 02M-7
three widely distributed units, minimal earthworks

November 17: 02F-19

November 19: 02F-20

November 21: 02M-8 "Embrace: for Bob Jeffords"
private memorial for Bob Jeffords

November 24: 02M-9 "Friends, Fare You Well"
Bob Jeffords public memorial

November 27: 02M-10 "Cookin' Thai"

November 30: 02M-11 "New Bamboo: Pandemonium"

December 13: 02P-9
no images, done at Coronado Shores

December 21: 02M-12
2 units; rain and cold dictated early termination

December 22: 02R-1, R-2, R-3
rare relief sculptures; scroll down the 02M-12 page

Decemeber 24: 02P-10
no photograpy

December 25: 02F-21
going for height, with extension on tall form

December 27: 02F-22
Includes year-end summary